Translation services have been around for a long time. Businesses have been using these services to help grow and expand. Whether you are familiar with translation services or if it’s the first time hearing about it, the industry itself is very interesting.

It’s a great service that’s not only versatile but extremely helpful. Believe it or not but translation services have been around for many years, all over the world. There are many things about the industry that you probably don’t know.

Below are some interesting facts about translation services:

Translators Have Ninja Skills When It Comes to Word Count

Most people have a hard time picturing a person who sits and home and works all day. But I assure you it’s not all Pj’s and fruit-filled muffins. Translators may sit at home, but they work hard. On average, a translator can translate up to 1,000,000 words every year. Pretty incredible numbers.

Translators Are Everywhere

In the world today there are over 300,000 certified translators. So when it comes time to hiring one you know, they won’t be hard to find.

English is NOT the Most Commonly Translated Language

People automatically assume that English is the most translated language in the world, but that’s not true at all. The languages that are translated the most are Russian, Italian, French and German. This is why it’s so important to get a translator because customers want to read things in their language.

Translating Books

When it comes to reading books, Westerners aren’t the only ones that like to read. German and French languages are the most popular to have books translated into. They love to read and wen it comes to translation those are the first languages books get translated into.

Arabic is Almost the Same as English

You may be surprised to find out that Arabic translation isn’t that far off from English. They have the same punctuation marks in the documents. They may not be completely the same language but the hold the same punctuation marks.

The Most Difficult Word to Translate

Some words more than others can be difficult to translate. Believe it or not, but the word “set” is the most difficult word in the English language to translate. The reason behind this is that it has different meanings so it can be difficult to clarify its context in the document.

Vowels are Difficult for Translators

The reason why vowels can be difficult to translate is that some languages don’t have vowels so trying to convert a vowel into a vowel-free environment can be tricky. The languages that don’t have vowels are Amharic, Hebrew, Tigrinya, Arabic, and Aramaic.

The Most Difficult Languages to Master

There are languages that translators find very difficult to translate. These languages are Chinese, Basque, Polish, Finnish, Arabic, Korean, Navajo, Icelandic, Japanese and Hungarian. When it comes to translating these specific languages, translators need to take their time and go over it more than once to assure the accuracy.


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