When you are a freelance translator the sky is the limit for the type of projects, you will get to work on. You will be surprised what kinds of things you will see. You will be contacted, not only by businesses but also individuals seeking out your translation services. Large companies will contact freelance translators because they deal in foreign subsidiaries.

Individuals usually contact freelancers for translations in the form of documents, certificates or novels. They may get freelancers to write letters that need to be sent to relatives in another country. Legal documents such as birth certificates and passports are most often needed by individuals; it’s the most common reasons for translation service.

Translation of Certificates

Some couples require their marriage certificates to be translated if they are planning on moving to another country. Even if you get married in another country, you will require a translation. Birth certificates and divorce certificates are regularly translated as they have to be certified in another country when traveling.

Freelancers also translate employment records or school enrollment certificates. These are usually completed because the person is either working or going to school in another country and need particular translations.

Legal Documents and User Manuals

A large part of a freelancer’s projects will come in the form of user manuals or legal documents. Many medium sized companies will hire translators to handle their foreign language correspondence. User manuals are usually for heavy machinery or equipment that the company is sending to another country. Most of the projects that freelancers get are all similar, but the subject matter always varies. It’s usually never the same thing which is great for a freelancer because variety can help stave off boredom.

The Sunny Side of Freelancing

Variety is a great thing for freelancers because working on the same projects all the time could become quite boring. But the downside is that these projects usually require a lot of vocabulary research which can be time-consuming. A challenging role is getting accustomed to so many different sets of vocabulary.

As long as there is plenty of communication between the freelancer and the client, there should be no problem getting the job completed.

Is Freelancing for You?

Freelancing isn’t for everyone. There are lots of people who prefer to go into the office and go about a normal work day. If any of the above sounds unappealing to you then maybe freelancing isn’t the career choice for you. It takes a strength of character to go through the process of being self-employed. You also have to be organized and able to work on you own. If you are someone who procrastinates then, freelancing could be a difficult way to earn money.

It’s important to have good business skills and some handiness around a computer to make freelancing a successful venture.

Being a freelancing translator can be a wonderful and fulfilling career if you love the idea of having flexible hours and a little more freedom.

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